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Deandra is a Brandon, Manitoba born singer/songwriter currently residing in Kamloops, British Columbia Canada. When shes not playing music Deandra works as a yoga instructor and mental health counsellor. Deandra is creatively driven by the stories of human experience and resilience she hears and creatively weaves these intimate themes into her songs. She has been able to bridge her passion for community and music by incorporating a participatory art project named "Letters" into her live performance.

Deandra’s folk sound is grounded in her early exposure to more complex styles of artists like Joni Mitchell. More recently Deandra draws inspirations from artist such as Fiest, Gill Scott, Lauryn Hill , Chet Faker and Meg Mac. She is trained in both classical and contemporary voice; yet her tone remains unrefined.

In 2016 Deandra Dey received a Demo Recording Grant from Factor Canada and with this funding released her debut EP “Letters”. Since the release of her debut EP Deandra Dey has released her single “Take it Easy” which bodes folky tones, groovy beats and silky vocals. Now Deandra Dey is excited to release her newest single "Still Dreaming" which offers a little more soul, a little more sass and a lot more groove! You can find her music on Spotify, ITunes and CD Baby.